Working together to create value

Founded in 2006, and rooted in Kansas City, Touch Enterprises includes a diverse portfolio of businesses. We commit our financial resources and expertise to growth-oriented, well-positioned companies with innovative management and strong organizational values.


Become a Supplier

Touch Enterprises is proud to be associated with some of the finest supplier partners in each industry. Within each industry, we only work with one exclusive supplier to build a long term relationship and partnership of growth.



"Touch Enterprises acquisition of our company and their effective and efficient sales expertise helped in making our company highly profitable. Their team of highly experienced executives were instrumental in reshaping our strategy and driving us to continued success. The road ahead is definitely aggressive growth oriented with Touch Enterprises leading us."

"Touch Enterprises target market expertise has played an integral role in making my company successful. Since being acquired and rolling into the Touch Enterprises group of companies, we have generated so much new business for our company. The synergies they bring in terms of sales focus, target market identification and strategy execution have allowed us to grow our revenues by 70% in 8 months."